Our Approach

We work as consultants for over 30 years. We work on projects worldwide and our array of expertise is wide. From mineral mining in Africa to Blockchain technologies passing by international real estate projects in Brazil. Our approach is quick and we try to be as accurate as possible to define the ins and outs of the project. Our  countries of actuation are as different as Brazil, Rwanda, Russia, UAE, Switzerland...without limitations.


Our Story

Eric R. Nydegger studied economics at the University of Fribourg, then Political Science at the university of Geneva. He is always been interested by international business. Fluent in many languages and at ease in many countries...

Meet the Team

The core team is compose by Eric and Jean-Claude Nydegger. While Eric is interested by many fields of business, mainly the blockchain technologies since 2008 as the main technology for the future. Jean-Claude is mastered in gemmology and lives in Brazil for almost 30 years. Beeing an expert in the Brazilian mining industry.


foto ERN petite

Eric R. Nydegger


University degrees in Ecomics and Political science. Married and father of 5.  Fields of expertise as different as Real Estate, Blockchain technology, Gemstones and Jewellery.


Jean-Claude Nydegger

Brazil specialist


GG (USA) and FGG (Germany) gemmologist. Brazilian mine owner, specially Diamond , Emerald and Tourmaline mines.  Granite quarry owner and producer.  Specialist in sourcing Tourmaline crystals  for the sensor industry and high end Mineral Specimens for collectors worldwide.


Akbar Nouri

Middle East Specialist

Born in Iran during the rule of the Shah of Iran. Living in Switzerland for many years.  Akbar is running a variety of businesses based in the UAE. He is an expert of that region of the world. Having many top partners from Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Next Steps...

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