Elbite tourmaline slabs for avionic sensors

Tourmaline crystals are the world best material existing for avionics sensors, they keep their properties to higher temperature better than any other natural or man-made material.

The reason it's not widely used?

The difficulty of sourcing due to it's natural origin , it comes from thousands of small producing mines world wide and they have to be sorted carefully by it's chemical composition.

The experience of 20 years contract of exclusive supplying to a global sensor manufacturer, mining this rare material in our claims in Brazil , together with an unique and exceptional stock, turn us able to guarantee you the best piezoelectric tourmaline, allowing you to develop the world best sensors.

Granite blocks

As mine owner of "Copacabana" granite, and others. We propose granite blocks for sale at very interesting prices. We could consider a partnership whit a distributor who whilst investing in the block production could beneficiate of even more reduced prices for its blocks. We could even consider an exclusivity partnership.

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